Design A Latte Monograms is a New Orleans locally-owned personalization boutique specializing in monogramming "brewed" to perfection with personalized gifts, monogram jewelry for your adorable "little lattes," best friends, favorite teachers, & best of all YOU! Design A Latte is your one stop Spirit Shop for all the surrounding area local high schools! We offer great customer service, top quality merchandise, and an ever-changing inventory to suit your gift or seasonal needs.

The Latte Family.... Meet Momma Latte, AKA Lauren, Poppa Latte, and the Little Lattes:  Noah and Skylar MacKenzie and the pup, Gwyni-pig!  Don't worry you'll also often meet Popeye and Mimi if you visit the store often too! 

What's in a Name? Even though we often get are you a coffee shop...NOPE (but cool concept maybe one day!) But its a paronomasia (a play on words): design a lot of monograms... Design A Latte Monograms.  For those that know Momma Latte lives with coffee always in her hand so it was a perfect pun/business name! 

How did the company begin? When Momma Latte found out she was pregnant with "The Diva" the story began.  Skylar MacKenzie Joan Manuel's name was locked into their Bible well before she came.  The name was not going to change.  Upon wanting a blanket embroidered with her full name - the sticker shock hit! Momma Latte convinced Poppa Latte that she needed an embroidery machine because EVERY Southern Belle needs her monogram on everything....a hobby turned a passion and into a business in 2010!  

The Brick and Mortar store....The location is perfect and meeting and interacting customers is epic.  Many of our customers remember the large pink bins on the front porch for pick ups.  Funny we actually still use those in the back! But Momma Latte does love interacting with customers and letting you into her crazy wild brain of designs and ideas.  The retail store also allows customers to explore all the many items you can personalize - yeap just about ANYTHING!